Melting Glaciers–The “Progressive” Way

20 08 2007

I like naked people….

Unless they’re functionally mentally retarded.


Benefits Of Global Warming-More Tennis

15 08 2007

Maria Sharapova…


Forget CO2…  I’m pretty sure she is one of the main causes of global warming.

Here We Go… Gore To Announce His Candidacy In A Few Weeks

13 08 2007

Call it a hunch… but it’s more than that

Leonardo’s alarmist “documentary”, The 11th Hour, will debut on August 17th. This will put The Cult Of Global Warming on the MSM front burner for at least three days. Look for Gore’s announcement on around September 12th  October 18th or so… to give time for a major hurricane to slam a coastline somewhere. That will be his in. He will not announce unless– 1) The current heat wave goes unabated or 2) A natural disaster slams some country, somewhere soon.

Bet on it.

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Ninja Knows Best

11 08 2007

I asked the Most Supreme Merchandising Ninja about global warming.

I think he really elevated the debate.

Ask A Ninja homepage.

Bye, Bye, Hockey Stick…Hello, Sun

11 08 2007

Your Children Are Being Indoctrinated

10 08 2007

I thought there was separation of church and state.  Guess not, since Scholastic, the American publisher of Harry Potter is releasing a book called The Down-To-Earth Guide To Climate Change, which is really just one big hotwa.

Releasing a book is one thing, but Scholastic releases these books to public (and some private) schools.

Here’s a snippet from WebWire: 

“In her jaw-dropping interview, Laurie David makes it clear that her book has been written specifically to indoctrinate children,” asserts Jackson. Last week Publishers Weekly quoted David as saying, “Kids also are the number one influence on their parents, so if you want to reach the parents, go to the kids.”

Yep, get ’em while they’re young… while their brains are full of mush.  Indoctrinate.  Give them faith in the new Religion Of Global Warming.

Bravo, Scholastic.  Bravo.

“Far Out” Theory Gains Compelling Evidence

10 08 2007

Complete with a dark German soundtrack.  Enjoy!

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