Consulting The Goracle

23 08 2007

Gore aide says it could happen.  The moment draws nearer and nearer.  He will run…

“Only if he’s absolutely certain the other candidates could not win.”

—A top Al Gore coworker, regarding the almost-prez’s thoughts on running for the top job in 2008

Maybe it’ll be the Unity ticket I’ve been hearing about lately… Gore/Powell.

Hate to break it to y’all, but Gore would be almost unbeatable. (sigh)


And So It Begins

22 08 2007

Gore wins straw poll in Arizona, via Drudge:

When tallying the votes, the local party leaders considered both the “first choice” of voters and the “popularity” of candidates.

The popularity vote was important because it showed who voters would chose if Gore does not run.

Gore won the first choice by 51 percent, followed by Edwards with 17 percent, national front-runner Sen. Hillary Clinton with 14 percent, Sen. Barack Obama by 9 percent, Sen. Joe Biden by 6 percent and Rep. Dennis Kucinich by 3 percent.

Gore is biding his time…waiting for the most opportune moment to strike.

Maybe right after the Nobel Peace Prize is awarded. Gore is a nominee, and it is traditionally awarded in mid-October.

Melting Glaciers–The “Progressive” Way

20 08 2007

I like naked people….

Unless they’re functionally mentally retarded.

Benefits Of Global Warming-More Tennis

15 08 2007

Maria Sharapova…


Forget CO2…  I’m pretty sure she is one of the main causes of global warming.

Here We Go… Gore To Announce His Candidacy In A Few Weeks

13 08 2007

Call it a hunch… but it’s more than that

Leonardo’s alarmist “documentary”, The 11th Hour, will debut on August 17th. This will put The Cult Of Global Warming on the MSM front burner for at least three days. Look for Gore’s announcement on around September 12th  October 18th or so… to give time for a major hurricane to slam a coastline somewhere. That will be his in. He will not announce unless– 1) The current heat wave goes unabated or 2) A natural disaster slams some country, somewhere soon.

Bet on it.

Previous Inconvenience:

Celebrity Carbon Offsets

Ninja Knows Best

11 08 2007

I asked the Most Supreme Merchandising Ninja about global warming.

I think he really elevated the debate.

Ask A Ninja homepage.

Bye, Bye, Hockey Stick…Hello, Sun

11 08 2007