Globular Warmingists Have Good PR

30 04 2007

PR guru Dan Calabrese looks at the climate change spin cycle.

You use certain tactics to get the public to buy in to your message. One is to use celebrities and entertainers. Al Gore’s Live Earth concerts will do nicely. Millions will tune in (myself included; I want to see Genesis) and hear the message that we need to act now to save the planet. The artists they respect and admire will either be delivering the message or standing there applauding.

Another tactic is the trickle of news on the subject. In recent weeks, we have been treated to a veritable scare-a-day feast of global-warming-related headlines. One day global warming is going deplete the water in the Great Lakes. Another day it is going to change the sex of lizards. Then it’s going to make tropical fish bigger. Each headline results from the release of a new “study.” You think it’s a coincidence that a new one comes out every day?


In PR, if you think you’re winning the debate, you proceed to the next step of marginalizing the skeptics. This step is fully in motion with the labeling of skeptics as “deniers,” a loaded word designed to evoke comparisons to neo-Nazis who deny the Holocaust. Mr. Gore was advocating as early as 1992 that major media should not cover “both sides” of the issue because to do so would give a false impression that there are two sides.


Science has demonstrated convincingly that global temperatures have been rising for the past generation. I am not skeptical of that. But temperatures have risen many times in the Earth’s storied history – when there were no smokestacks, internal combustion engines or Bush administrations. Every single period of warming was followed by a period of cooling, even though the UN wasn’t there to regulate anything.





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