Space Umbrellas, Sulphur Spreading And Ferrous Seas

25 04 2007

Industrial-grade crazy.

A sun-blocking disk would cover 106 sq. km, weigh 3,000 tonnes and spin continually. It would be built over time by a space shuttle. Construction would require one shuttle flight annually for 100 years.

Another proposal, which some liken to an artificial volcano, calls for controlled scattering of sulphur particles in the atmosphere, to reduce sunlight reaching the planet.

Nobel Prize-winning scientist Paul Krutzen has advocated this as the safest of unconventional techniques being considered, since natural volcanic eruptions are known to produce a cooling effect, which is reversible.

How about fertilizing the oceans with iron? Crazy as it sounds, it has been the subject of at least 11 studies.

Why don’t we just drop a giant cube of ice into the ocean every now and then? How about snow-blowers or a giant “shade wall” for every city?

Maybe we should start living underground, or underwater. Maybe scientists could increase our body temperature so it feels cooler.

Maybe we should hasten WWIII for the benefit of nuclear winter. Sure would cut down on consumerism.

Perhaps we could nudge the Earth farther from the sun. Maybe attract some large comet impacts since they are mostly ice.

I know a simpler solution. Ignore climate change alarmists.




2 responses

25 04 2007

“At the moment you think you know everything, be assured that you know nothing” – From your about page.

How very true. Here is another platitude for you:

“The saddest aspect of life right now is that science gathers knowledge faster than society gathers wisdom.”

You get what I’ trying to tell you (politely)?


25 04 2007
An Inconvenient Skeptic

Not really.


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