UN: “Unrest” May Be Due To Global Warming

18 04 2007

I knew it.  If this conjecture gets bantered about by the Security Council, it may foment a change of rhetoric coming from nuclear wanna-bes.  They will strongly argue that their nuclear program will give them clean energy.  Why do the Zionists wish to deny us this Earth-friendly technology?

The International Herald-Tribune carries the latest insanity from the UN.

  “This is a groundbreaking day in the history of the Security Council, the first time ever that we will debate climate change as a matter of international peace and security.”

The two major groups representing developing countries – the Nonaligned Movement and the Group of 77 – wrote separate letters accusing the Security Council of “ever-increasing encroachment” on the role and responsibility of other UN entities.

Climate change and energy are issues for the General Assembly, where all 192 UN member states are represented, and for the Economic and Social Council, not the Security Council, they said.

Pakistan’s deputy ambassador, Farukh Amil, whose country heads the Group of 77, told the council that its debate not only “infringes” on the authority of other UN organs but also “compromises the rights of the general membership of the United Nations.”

Beckett, who spent five years as Britain’s negotiator on climate change, said she understood the reservations.

“I’m the last person to want to undermine the important work that those bodies do,” she said, “but this is an issue that threatens the peace and security of the whole planet, and the Security Council has to be the right place to debate it.”

May the cool-headed yet prevail.

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