Celebrity Carbon Offsets

28 03 2007

Sorry, guys. I’ve been meaning to get a blogroll going, but it just hasn’t happened.

In the meantime, I’m ready to announce one of the two celebrities who will be the recipient of a Celebrity Carbon Offset.

None other than Hollywood heartthrob of hotness….

Leonardo DiCaprio.

INTERVIEWER: OK, Leo… let’s see some of your acting chops. Show us, without using words, how strong your critical thinking skills are.leo-this-small.jpg
He really is a shameless shill for the Goracle. It’s sad that showmanship triumphs over substance and science.

Here’s one of his houses.


I wonder how big the garage is? How many carbon-spouting plane rides to get to an fro? Some of those big budget movies film in remote locations… how many people have to fly there? I’m just sayin’ … movie credits are pretty long.

He definitely deserves this Celebrity Carbon Offset.


Above illustration from The Ryskind Sketchbook.




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14 08 2007
17 12 2009
гей чат знакомства

итак: бесподобно!!

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