Your Economy Or Your Life

25 03 2007

Dirtcrashr at Anthroblogogy has something to say:

Much like the cargo-cult Scientism that drapes the shroud of Globulistical Warmillusion, the clever but economically ignorant True Green-Believers have created ecoCargonomics. It’s a kind of freelance, pyramidical, undocumented, laissez-faire off-shoot of accounting.
Following religious doctrine and now available for purchase are Carbon-Offset Eco-Credits. Greendulgent Carbon Offsets are new financial instruments, purchasable through Generation Investment Management, a purveyor of fine-feelings and smug assurances for the Eco-Faithful who must not be overly inconvenienced in their Eco-Buying Power.
This is an instrument of Faith as well as (pseudo)Science and (pseudo)Economics – it is an investment in the Future. Do it for the Children.
The Leadership leads the flock to prayer and to shearing – the insturment is a pair of scissors. Al Gore not only uses 20 times more power than the average American household at his 20-room, eight-bathroom home in Nashville, to offset his gargantuan carbon footprint he also buys his massive offsets from Generation Investment Management. Conveniently and as the popular financial strategy goes, “Pay Yourself First,” to prove his Faith he is not only a consumer of this specially Eco-tailored line of investment instruments, he is also the Chairman of Generation Investment Management. It is, as Al Gore himself says, “a remarkable area of innovation“…



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