Get It While It’s Cool-Ski Resorts Are Jumpin’

25 03 2007

“Hey, Honey, isn’t that Al and Tipper?”

Good luck finding public transportation to these “hot spots.”

Buoyed by good snow, great national press, strong real estate sales, a wider variety of activities and more terrain, ski resorts are attracting bigger crowds and filling local cash registers.

At Downstairs at Eric’s, a popular 17-year-old pizza restaurant here, business is up more than 5 percent this past winter. March sales alone have equaled the restaurant’s total sales for the entire 1990-91 ski season.

“It’s insane,” Mamula said. “It’s another record-breaking year not only for us, but for the town too.”

A few blocks down at Crêpes à la Carte, owner LaMarca said the growing skier traffic is helping him finance a second stand he plans to open in Boulder this spring.

“I get busier every year,” LaMarca said. “I’m pretty much maxed out here now.”

Hahn, owner of 9-year-old Mary’s Mountain Cookies, agreed.

“Skier visits dictate our business,” she said. “We don’t have the space to accommodate all the people in here.”



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