The Goracle Issues A Major Hotwa

21 03 2007

Yes, the moment we’ve all been waiting for, Al Gore preaching to Congress about global warming. ‘Scuse me while I lose my breakfast…..

9:28 (central time): Gore starts in with the emotional appeal, talking about how the children of the future will ask, “Why didn’t you do something??!!”

9:30 : More evidence of global warming. An alarmist statement that says that Arctic ice will melt in as little as 34 years.

9:34 : Big surprise, more talk about legislation, regulation, pollution tax, Kyoto– the guy would have us taxed into poverty!

9:44 “The most dangerous crisis we’ve ever faced.” Then he brings up Darfur (choke).

9:45 “This was our Thermopolae.” Moral imperative doublespeak.

9:46 End of Gore’s opening remarks.

9:48 Rep. Bart Gordon (D-TN): (How much will it cost?)

Gore: Talks about a three-year “mass persuasion” campaign.

(gobbledygook about plus and minus signs)…”The debate on the science is OVER WITH!” (choke)

9:55 Rep Joe Barton (R-TX): We must get the science right. Rep. Barton talks about the science of An Inconvenient Truth.

Mainstream media has noticed that CO2 increases lag behind rising temperatures. (good one). Alarmist sea level rising.

Malaria… not substantiated. Talks about energy efficiency. The EPA has addressed this.

“Some of your ideas are flawed” will do very little to help environment, and will be expensive. Carbon-tax –why is China exempt? Carbon freeze will halt industry. Everyone emits. No new people, no new cars. (anti-capitalistic views)

10:04 Gore: Scientific consensus, again (choke)…good lord, he’s a broken record! “The scientific debate is over.”

“Magic solar system at work.” Gore starts spouting junk science about CO2. “The planet has a fever!” “If your baby has a fever, you go to the doctor!” More emotional appeals, no good science. Gore keeps hedging and talking about “overwhelming the cycle.” “The odds of stronger hurricanes keep going up.”

10:10 Rep Boucher (D-VA): Boucher talks about proposed legislation, asks Gore out on a date (drinks and a movie?)

Gore: “The European system is working (meeting targets).” “We are responsible for 30% of the carbon up there”

“It’s like a bucket with a hole in it.” “The global market of Carbon-trading will (succeed).”

10:16 Rep Ralph Hall (R-TX): (playful banter) “I don’t agree with you.” Talk about costs and such, Kyoto. If it were adopted would it postpone warming?…. Not a good deal. Concerns about a disadvantage in manufacturing if Kyoto-style regulations are adopted.

10:20 Gore: Dodges any meaningful response. “The US must take the lead.” Talk about bi-partisanship. Gobbledygook.

10:22 Rep. Nick Lampson (D-TX): If we tackle CO2, doesn’t that also address other problems?

10:29 Dennis Hastert (R-IL):”When you tax, you inhibit the free-market to work.”

Talks about the vast coal in Wyoming. How do we meet energy needs?

“I think we can find answers.” “We can find clean air with nuclear energy.”

“There are ways we can use coal, renewable fuels.” “We are dependent on foreign fuels (true).” Beholden to the Sheiks. “If someone turns the spigot off, (we don’t have energy).”


10:40 Gore: Tax the polluters. Poo-pooing nuclear reactors.

10:42 Rep Butterfield (D-NC): Asks about water vapor. Gore acknowleges that it is the major greenhouse gas (WOW).

(He explains it away by talking about how it is a “slave” of CO2.) [It is not. Rather, there is no conclusive evidence of this. –ed]

Gore: “The United States must lead.” Kyoto should be moved forward to 2010. The maximum CO2 that is considered politically feasible…” [He is assuming the sale, here]

10:52 Gore: “The purpose of life is to glorify God.” More poo-pooing of nuclear energy. “We may get a solution, though (nuclear energy)

Much ado about nothing, regarding China, who will not accept our regulations.

Gore: “(Put a price) on carbon.”

11:00 John Barrow (D-Georgia): [He said “poo-pooing!” Ha! –ed]

“What do you say to folks who say that (man-made emissions are not important)?”

GORE: “Man-made CO2 (hangs around longer than natural)” Volcanoes, have heavy emissions (natural ones), he explains it away, 70 million tons etc.

“The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.”

11:05 Rep. Fred Upton (R-MI): More pro-nuclear energy advocacy. Presses Gore further. Talking again about China’s “wasteful” practices. (Will you have a change of mind about nuclear energy, Mr. Gore)

Gore: “I’m a skeptic about nuclear power’s viability in the marketplace.” “I’m not a reflexive opponent (of it, though).”

“I’ve been to Chernobyl, I’ve been to 3-mile Island.”

“I’m not opposed to it as a category”

11:10 Henry Waxman (D-CA): [Asks if Gore works out, maybe he could rub his feet later–says “I’d sure like to kiss you, right now Mr. Gore.” They have coitus on the floor, sparking a Democrat orgy.–ed]

Gore: “It is not a political issue, it is a moral issue!”

11:18 The orgy continues….. [Is this a porn?–ed]

Gore : “The market is seeking to put a price on carbon.” [Sure would help his cause, wouldn’t it? –ed]

Rep Edward Markey (D-MA): [“Who does your hair?” “I’d really like to run my fingers through your curly locks!” “What are you doing next Saturday night?” –ed]

This is really turning into a Gore love-fest… “You are (truly prophetic), Mr. Gore.”


That’s my cue, too… I can’t liveblog this anymore. It’s cruel and unusual punishment. There are some memes worth taking a closer look at, though.

Alarmism, Carbon tax, The science is settled, This is a moral issue, Consensus, “mass persuasion” etc.

Check back for thoughts on these and other related-issues.



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3 05 2007
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