Here’s A Zinger For Gore

20 03 2007

SENATOR: Two questions. Mr. Gore, isn’t it true that planting trees to reduce the CO2 in our atmosphere just delays the release of that stored carbon until such time the trees burn or die? Isn’t it also true, then, that some of the most popular so-called “carbon offsets” are not really reducing any CO2 from the carbon cycle?

GORE: Uh…Um…Well…I’m glad you asked that…But..Um…I’m really not a scientist…Uh…

SENATOR: I’m sorry Mr. Gore, one more question. Do any of the companies in which you serve an executive role, sell or advocate this kind of “solution?”

GORE: (head explodes)

SENATOR: Remaining torso of Mr. Gore, Why is it that water vapor, the main contributor to greenhouse gas, is continually ignored in climate models, while CO2, which we breathe out and what trees breathe in, is overstated and branded as death?





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