19 03 2007

Is it really that hard to connect the dots on global warming? Why do so many people have blinders on?

More questions:

  • Why do most climate models ignore water vapor as a greenhouse gas?
  • Why, if Mars and other planets are warming, can’t the sun have more culpability on this issue?
  • Why is it a “moral imperative” to change the way I live if the trumpeters of this apocalypse don’t change their behavior?
  • Why does The Religion Of Global Warming say the science is settled?
  • Why, if we have trouble predicting tomorrow’s weather, are we so sure we can predict the weather 5, 10, 20, 100 years from now?
  • Why are the potential benefits of climate change squelched?
  • Why are our children being indoctrinated into believing something that has not been proven?
  • Why is China exempt from Kyoto?


Because a socialist scheme to redistribute the world’s wealth must have some sort of ruse in order to garner the support of mush-for-brains who will credulously follow an anti-capitalist agenda.




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