The Juggernaut

17 03 2007

Al Gore’s presidential campaign. Should he run.

After watching the video of Al Gore’s fake “announcement of intentions”, and seeing the fawning adulation from Hollywood he received when taking the stage for his Oscar, I’ve become even more convinced that, should he enter the race, he would be the man to beat.

People will disagree with me on this, but I’ve laid it out real nice for you.

1) The left is still bitter about the 2000 result.

2) The far left are devotees of The Religion Of Global Warming. Global warming outcry has reached a fever pitch.

3) He has honed his public speaking skills and his temper, making him an even more formidable debater.

4) To many people around the world, his cause is perceived to be just and honorable. *science notwithstanding*

5) The accusations of hypocrisy will be swallowed up by the mainstream media because of #4.

6) The moment Al announces, it’s curtains for Hillary’s presidential aspirations. She will whither off of the presidential tree and die.

7) Edwards’ biggest political asset is his hair. He will withdraw because the media will want Gore. Put simply, NO CHANCE.

8) Bumper stickers. Everyone knows how important those are. Gore’s got it made. I took 5 minutes to come up with these gems…just think what a campaign wizard could do.

“Vote Gore For No War!”

“A Vote For Gore Is A Vote For Planet Earth.”

“Re-Elect Gore In ’08”

“Set It Straight In ’08”

“Let’s Cool Things Down–Gore For President”

“Gore Is Cooler”

“Simmer Down, Vote Gore.”

“Stop The Hate, Gore In ’08.”

Say “NO MORE!” With A Vote For Gore

9) Barack Obama… good choice for VP.

Ok, there’s the ticket for the Democrats. Gore/Obama. Think about it. The media loves controversy (2000 recount, anyone), and Gore on the ticket virtually assures it. If 2008 is close, Gore won’t throw the towel in very easily. He’ll probably keep it in his teeth like a pit bull.

Can republicans do anything to stop this juggernaut if it decides to compete? Good question.






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