The IPCC Issues Another Hotwa

15 03 2007

Yep, “hotwa.” I’m proud of it. Could be the genesis of a neologism. At the very least it’s a fitting term to decribe the edicts handed down from the Religion Of Global Warming. Here’s a snippet of the Reuters lunacy, via Drudge.

Global warming is expected to turn the planet a bit greener by spurring plant growth but crops and forests may wilt beyond mid-century if temperatures keep rising, according to a draft U.N. report.

Scientists have long disputed about how far higher temperatures might help or hamper plants — and farmers — overall. Plants absorb carbon dioxide, the main greenhouse gas, as they grow and release it when they rot.

Hold on, stop right there. This is evidence that skeptics have been losing a key battle. The message must get out. Carbon dioxide is not the main greenhouse gas. Not by a long shot. That honor belongs to vaporized water, the elixir of life.

The report warns warming could worsen water and food shortages in some regions, especially in developing nations least able to cope. And rising sea levels could threaten coasts.

There are also risks that projected changes in extreme climate events could have “significant consequences on food and forestry production, and food insecurity,” it said.

I can’t see! I’ve been blinded by the science! It’s OK, though, because an opthomologist monkey could leap out of my butt and perhaps could concoct a miracle cure for blindness when no one else could!

“Growth will probably increase a little bit,” said Anders Portin, senior vice president of the Finnish Forestry Industry Federation. But he said climate change was harmful overall.

Typical. Stifle any benefit of environmental change, or season it with thinly-veiled, alarmist warnings.

Hotwa. Heh. I could be on to something.



One response

16 03 2007

Nice website. I like the Hotwa. How relevent for the Ides of March. Your logic is dead on or perhaps better stated Globally Hot On.

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