Buy Celebrity Carbon Offsets

13 03 2007

These guys have the right idea. 

Celebrity Carbon Offsets are designed to be affordable… just $5.00 per package. You simply purchase a package of C2O, select the celebrity of your choice and then mail your carbon offset seeds to the rich and famous along with a certificate showing how you’ve done your part and now it’s their turn to plant the seeds in their yard. It’ll work out great, since they’ve got hired help to do the lawn. And they’ll save even more in lawn care costs, over the long term, since Switch Grass only need to be harvested 4 times a year. What could be better?

We know that celebrities will want to do what they can… plant the Switch Grass and help the earth. And what’s going to be great, is when gardeners of the wealthy do their part and use scythes to cut the prairie grass instead of using gas carbon-emitting lawn mowers.

Please, do your part to help reduce the carbon footprint of all of those jet-set celebrities whose motto is “Do as I say, not as I do.”

The full blog for Celebrity Carbon Offsets is here.  Well worth a visit.




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15 03 2007
Sticky Notes

Thanks for the great mention!

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