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2 12 2007

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Slate: Will Al Run?

24 09 2007

From book to movie to Nobel Peace Prize.

On Oct. 12, we shall hear again from Oslo, and I will be very surprised indeed if the peace prize is not awarded to Albert Gore Jr. (Don’t ask what a campaign against global warming has done for “peace”; that would be like asking what Mother Teresa or Henry Kissinger had ever done to reduce global conflict. The impression is the main thing.)

So, and if I am right, the former vice president will then complete a year in which An Inconvenient Truth has been awarded an Oscar and he has authored a best seller. Roll it round your tongue again: an Oscar, a best seller, and a Nobel Prize in the space of 12 months or so. Not bad. And meanwhile, the field of Democratic candidates looks—how shall one put it?—a trifle etiolated. Sen. Clinton may have succeeded in getting people to call her “Hillary” and to have made them feel resigned to her front-runnership, but what kind of achievement is that? Sen. Obama cannot possibly believe, and doesn’t even act as if he believes, that he can be elected president of the United States next year. John Edwards is a good man who is in politics for good reasons, but there is something about his populism that doesn’t quite—what’s the word?—translate.

Apart from the awards, not only could Gore claim that he had been a fairly effective senator and a reasonably competent vice president, he could also present himself in zeitgeist terms as the candidate who was on the right side of the two great overarching questions: the climate crisis and the war in Mesopotamia. Should I add that, whether or not he really won the Electoral College in 2000, he did manage to collect the majority of the popular vote? Several people, some of them well-informed, have been saying to me that Gore will wait until the Nobel committee’s announcement before he makes up his mind. Should he make up his mind to run, he could alter the entire equation.

Folks, it’s on.

UPDATE:  Dick Morris says it’s on, too.

Global Warming- The Gift That Keeps On Giving

7 09 2007

Another book is on the way from Al Gore.

 Former US Vice-President Al Gore is writing a book called The Path to Survival which will be a sequel to his 2006 Oscar-winning film An Inconvenient Truth. The book will follow on from the film, which was a hard-hitting documentary about the reality of climate change, and cover solutions to the potential catastrophes for mankind which may befall as a result of increasingly unpredictable weather patterns and global warming.

This is yet another installment of the most unconventional presidential campaign strategy in history.  Al Gore…intellectual, statesman, global warrior.  <GACK>

Dollars to doughnuts says that one of his “solutions” is to reduce carbon emissions.

Why, then, does he tool around in private Gulfstream jets?  Because he can.  He loves it.  He will never stop.  For as long as he lives, Gore will have a monstrous “carbon footprint” which no amount of scam carbon offsets will mitigate.

The majority will ignore this hypocrisy, since he needs to “spread his important message to the world.”

Sequel To “An Inconvenient Truth” Induces Narcolepsy

5 09 2007

The 11th Hour seems to be when most people go to sleep:

It’s a good thing Leonardo DiCaprio made so much money from “Titanic” a decade ago.

His environmental documentary, “The 11th Hour,” has been a total bust at the box office. After 18 days in release, the film has grossed only $417,913 from ticket sales. The 90-minute snore-fest is playing on 111 screens this week, but that number is likely to be reduced this Friday. The film will be sent to DVD heaven after that.


A Russian filmmaker told us afterward that she was the only person in the room who was awake at one point.

I can believe it. “The 11th Hour” is grindingly boring. Basically, a series of scientists, one after another, warn the audience that the world is coming to an end. These talking heads are interspersed with stock footage of melting glaciers. The film has the effect of Ambien — with no hangover post-nap.


Connecting The Dots

4 09 2007

Check out this article from Detroit News three weeks ago:

Former Tennessee Sen. and TV star Fred Thompson would lead the GOP pack and former Vice President Al Gore would top the Democratic slate should they decide to run, according to a statewide survey of 400 likely Republican and 400 likely Democratic primary voters in Michigan conducted last Wednesday through Monday by EPIC/MRA of Lansing.

Now, if you were Michigan, and wanted to see Gore off to a good start, you might try this: (CNN)

Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm has signed legislation moving her state’s 2008 presidential primary to January 15, temporarily placing it ahead of New Hampshire in the heavily front-loaded nominating calendar. The law went into effect Tuesday morning.

“While political maneuvering will no doubt continue, our move to January 15th is final,” Granholm, a Democrat, said in a statement.

The former first primary was New Hampshire. Now they have been leapfrogged. Should Gore be pleased? Absolutely. because of this– from Wapo:

If Mr. Gore got into the 2008 presidential nomination contest, he would edge out Mrs. Clinton in New Hampshire 32 percent to 26 percent and defeat the rest of the Democratic contenders, says a 7NEWS-Suffolk University poll of likely voters.

“Gore is the only Democrat, including Hillary, who can instantly melt the field,” said David Paleologos, director of the Suffolk University Political Research Center, which conducted the survey.

Should Gore win the first two primaries, he would smoothly sail to the nomination.

UPDATE:   Draft Gore Petition Nets More Than 1000 NH Voters

(Littleton, New Hampshire) – More than 1000 New Hampshire voters have signed a petition asking former Vice President Al Gore to enter the New Hampshire primary.

The draft Gore petition drive is being conducted this summer by volunteers from Draft Gore New Hampshire, a non-partisan, statewide grassroots organization based in Littleton.

“The results of our petition drive indicate that there is a strong undercurrent of support for Al Gore in New Hampshire which is not reflected accurately in polls or in the opinions of visiting out-of-state media pundits,” according to Farrell Seiler, statewide coordinator of the organization.


  These volunteers are identifying Gore supporters, databasing voter lists, setting up telephone banks-preparing to turn out thousands of Gore supporters on Primary Day.

When Al Gore officially announces, says Seiler, “We’ll roll.”

Consulting The Goracle

23 08 2007

Gore aide says it could happen.  The moment draws nearer and nearer.  He will run…

“Only if he’s absolutely certain the other candidates could not win.”

—A top Al Gore coworker, regarding the almost-prez’s thoughts on running for the top job in 2008

Maybe it’ll be the Unity ticket I’ve been hearing about lately… Gore/Powell.

Hate to break it to y’all, but Gore would be almost unbeatable. (sigh)

And So It Begins

22 08 2007

Gore wins straw poll in Arizona, via Drudge:

When tallying the votes, the local party leaders considered both the “first choice” of voters and the “popularity” of candidates.

The popularity vote was important because it showed who voters would chose if Gore does not run.

Gore won the first choice by 51 percent, followed by Edwards with 17 percent, national front-runner Sen. Hillary Clinton with 14 percent, Sen. Barack Obama by 9 percent, Sen. Joe Biden by 6 percent and Rep. Dennis Kucinich by 3 percent.

Gore is biding his time…waiting for the most opportune moment to strike.

Maybe right after the Nobel Peace Prize is awarded. Gore is a nominee, and it is traditionally awarded in mid-October.